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 Too clear things up *RANT*

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Too clear things up *RANT* Empty
PostSubject: Too clear things up *RANT*   Too clear things up *RANT* Icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2007 11:39 pm

Certain people are complaining that other certain people always get apperances in shows including myself, first up to clear me being in lots of shows, I'm GM I have to make an apperance otherwise it cant be explained why im there so stop asking me about that one another one was Super Patriot Uncle Sam and Black Skull they were involved in a tournament and if you followed the story line you would realise that you cant just have a match of the tournament 1 week then wait a few weeks then have the next round it would take too long, finally why does Era and Balls Mahoney keep on appearing ( Especially now balls has left) the thing is they are Champions that haven't been beaten and unti they are beaten they will keep appearing to allow new contenders.

Another thing Money. Everyone keeps on asking me when will the get their money? or Why haven't I paid them. I don't control that that is an automated thing that can take up to 48 hours so dont come complaining to me before that period is finished and even then i have no influence over it ask Tullo.

Finally. Stop asking me for title shots, I'm sick of reading 20 messages from 10 or so people askin for a title shot. just So you know all Major matches are booked at least 2 weeks in advance so don't ask me for a title match and if i give it to you complain that it wasn't on that week, also I only give title shots to people who are worthy or deserve them unless im looking for someone with certain requirements, if you ask me and you only have 15 000 wrestler points the odds are no you won't so dont be an asshole like SVINCHI and run off because i didnt give you a title shot.

So please stop spamming me with those questions i log on normally at least once a day and im tired of reading 50 new messages and having to read through them all and not being able to start doing anything for an hour because i'm replying to normally one of those three questions.

If you have any other questions your welcome to ask me but now if ytou would not spam me i could put more effort into our shows and story lines and make our roster better.

Thank you
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Too clear things up *RANT*
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