High-Impact Wrestling Association

High-Impact Wrestling Association
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 Did you know...

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PostSubject: Did you know...   Did you know... Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2007 3:41 pm

this is the Did you know section of the roster, post random facts here. I'll get us started with a few really interesting ones.

All French Pollititions must wear underwear when its under 30 degrees celcius

Two brothers imaginary friend that they created to get free Ice Creams was enlisted into the American Army

A US Captain ordered a Canadian Lighthouse to change its course 15degrees to the North to avert collision.

The National game of Andora is Billiards

The flag of libya consists of only one colour, green.

Ive got us started your turn, also NO Chuck Norris, Chris Beniot, Micheal Jackson ect. facts.
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Did you know...
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