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 Contracts *RANT*

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Contracts *RANT* Empty
PostSubject: Contracts *RANT*   Contracts *RANT* Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 11:00 pm

Here is unfortunatley another Rant, contracts you signed them if you want a better one and if i refuse come and say you want to leave the roster too bad. I can't offer you better contracts ive given all the contracts ive had.

Another thing if you want to leave tell me and give me a good legitamate reason, eg my mate and tag team partner are in a different roster and id like to join them. I may be your GM and competeing against there roster but im still human, and normally for reasons like that i will normally relase you.

Now if for some reason i choose not to release you dont start spamming me because i told you to wait untill the end of your contract and reconsider then because you may find that you get a good deal in that time and who knows become a champion or be involved in a really goods story line.

So please stop doing the above or I may just spite you and keep you in the roster against your wishes for as long as possible.
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Contracts *RANT*
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